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Introduction of the Foundation

The goal of the Foundation is to build and equip the new department of the Children’s Oncology and Hematology in Zagreb, which is part of the University Hospital Centre Zagreb.

The Foundation’s purpose is to collect funds to support treatment of children suffering from malignant diseases, encourage new forms of treatment, organise professional assistance for children suffering from malignant diseases and their families, and also promote and encourage education and quality of professional work; to assist the patients and persons accompanying them who come to Zagreb for treatment, regardless of their age, sex, type of disease, social status, religion and nationality; to promote human values, especially through the healthcare system; to protect patients’ rights, especially children’s rights; psychological, spiritual and material support and the support in the form of information for patients and their family members with the aim of helping in the treatment and improvement of the quality of life of patients, cured persons and members of their families; to promote life qualities and raise awareness among civil society of the importance of inclusion and provision of comprehensive assistance to patients, cured persons and their family members.

The Foundation’s scope of work is social activity, assistance and support to children and their family members, improvement of the quality of life and health of patients and the socially excluded.

How to participate in the work of the Foundation and become a supporter


The Foundation’s member or a supporter may be any legal entity or a natural person which is accepted by the Foundation’s Management Board, and which accepts rights and obligations defined by the founding document, the Articles of Association and other Foundation documents upon signing the membership form.

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