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Project of building a new top floor

The Institute (department) has 27 beds.


The following aspects would be covered with a new 2000 sqm department:

  • Modern and functional space

  • Installing a state-of-the-art filtering system for air quality

  • The number of sterile units for transplantation would increase, which would fully meet the needs for bone marrow transplantation of children from Croatia and, if possible, other countries as well

  • Use of advanced construction material to avoid additional exposure to bacterial and other infections

  • Improving the sterility of the entire department

  • Building of a terrace to be able to enjoy in the sun and fresh air

  • Opening of a kitchenette for parents where meals could be prepared

  • Equipping of a children’s playroom

  • Ensuring privacy after losing hair and change of appearance due to intensive treatment

  • Purchasing new furniture for department patients and medical staff

  • Purchasing devices which are missing at the department.


What opportunities arise for professional training of doctors?

Working at a new department, with high quality equipment, that has already achieved a certain level of quality will ensure the achievement of even better results and increase the percentage of children cured, which is currently at about 80%. The Department will educate all interested doctors from Croatia and, in the case of interest, from abroad.  

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