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Greetings from

the Foundation Chair

There are very few wishes in life which are as strong as parents’ wish to help their sick child. Children suffering from malignant diseases affect lives of many, especially us parents who try to comfort them and be their largest support and encouragement in such an unfair situation. 

s a mother of a child who experienced that difficult situation and was treated at the Oncology Department, I am extremely grateful to Professor Ernest BiliÊ and the whole team of doctors, who gave us hope and sense of security throughout the treatment. I am grateful and blessed to have a healthy child today, so I feel the responsibility to help others, since we learned a lot about severe diseases during the treatment of our own child, and also saw many flaws in the hospital stay.

The inability to stay by your child after receiving such a horrible and difficult diagnosis makes you feel anxious and scared. I have experienced those feelings myself.

In addition to the doctors’ knowledge and experience, the new, improved and modern department would give children a significant advantage in the treatment. The newly built and equipped department would ensure a better quality of life at the hospital, for both the little patients and their parents and guardians.

The idea that no child should be deprived of the best possible care and the possibility of being cured was the main guiding principle when this Foundation was founded.

Anamarija Zorović,
Ante's mother 
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